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The Mantle Project

The Mantle Project

The Mantle Project When we landed at our current residence, the fireplace mantle was nothing more than a single brick sticking halfway out of a solid brick wall. This did not bode well with the boss. I was tasked with the mission of creating a space where stockings could be hung along with other assorted visual causeri... more>>>

The Coffee Table As it happens, in my happy marriage, sometimes you just have to do what the boss wants. If she wants it, she gets it. I am constantly shown pictures, dragged into stores, and bombarded with requests to build anything and everything. Since the entertainment center was this way, so let the coffee table be also. more>>

The Mission Floor Lamp After months of searching and researching a lamp that would be fitting of our humble abode, I decided the best way to have what we want, was to build my own. I liked the shade from this one, and the base from that one, and the bulbs from that unit over there. So I went to shop and came back with this....more>>

The Entertainment Center Believe it or not, this was my first project with the new tools. Why start small? Go for the gold. Be a hero. Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory last forever. Of course it took me a year to determine what stained glass I wanted in the doors. Sometimes it's just better to be sure before you get crazy. I never saw the completed project until we moved it in. more>>

The Barrister Bookcase I just couldn't stand it any more. I wanted to build something I wanted, so I did. I have always loved the traditional barrister bookcase. Most originals are too small for todays publications or too dark in color. I needed to make one to fit my needs, not one that my needs had to be changed to accommodate. more>>

The Dining Table Ask and you shall receive. Some men buy things to apease, some substitue jewels, some men go shopping on game day. I build furniture. It works for me. When the princess demands more space, what's a prince to do...but build a dining table that seats ten when she's not looking. I love my job! I like surprises even better. more>>

The Mission SideBoard Once again, no good deed goes unpunished. I get the usual " Honey, do you think you could build one of these?" She already knows the answer. So let it be written, so let it be done. Your wish is my command, I will build something that you want, but, I'm going to take artistic license when I can.. more>>

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